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Tug Fleet

Our tug fleet currently consists of both twin and single screw units with well proven characteristics. A regular refurbishment and maintenance programmes for all our vessels helps us to provide a reliable and cost effective service.

Tug 'GT Victory' - 35t BP

GT Victory is a stunning and powerful tug and is well suited to long distance towage. GT Victory has an enviable reputation and is highly maneuverable with her powerful main engine with controllable pitch propeller, Kort Nozzle and a large powerful bow thruster. In recent years the GT Victory has undergone modernisation and upgrades which allows her to compete with other modern vessels.

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Tug 'Goliath' - 24t BP (Under Management of Goliath Towage Ltd)

Goliath is a very competent sea going tug and is particularly well suited to harbour towage, marine civil engineering and barge handling, due to her superb manoeuvrability. She is a twin screw tug with a powerful bow thruster, making her capable of manoeuvring in any direction.

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Tug 'Kingston' - 23t BP (Under Management of Aquatic Towage and Marine Ltd)

Kingston is a powerful but compact workboat. We have modernised Kingston by fitting a Kort nozzle and powerful bow thruster making her a highly manoeuvrable unit. Kingston combines fuel efficiency with raw power and is particularly suited to medium distance coastal towage.

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