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The company is a strong force in the tug and towage market, able to service clients throughout Europe, with a fleet of vessels that are economical to operate, reliable and crewed by experienced personnel where 'customer service' is key.

Griffin Towage specialises in sea towage of barges and ships, both on routine contracts, and emergency towage. Griffin Towage also offers tugs for port operations, emergency rescues, fire fighting, supply and crew transfers, standby tug or guard vessel.

The company offers competitive prices for charters of tugs for marine civil engineering operations, surveys, diving and other work boat duties.


Griffin Towage is able to offer a complete towage service from the early planning and document preperation until the project is complete and your vessel is delivered safely to your destination.

Port Operations

Griffin Towage has several units that are suitable for harbour towage projects. Whether it is to cover a drydocking of your own vessel or a single port move to supplement you current fleet, Griffin Towage regularly provides port towage for a number of smaller ports.

Standby Tugs

Our vessels are often called upon just in case!! we are able to offer standby tugs that are able to satisfy your risk assessments, be it an escort for a pipeline or a harbour tug during a period of bad weather.

Emergency Rescue

Our fleet are stationed at strategic locations that allow us to respond promptly to your requirements for emergency towage. In the past we have undertaken towage at the request of coastal administrations.

Fire Fighting

Several of our vessels are fitted with fire fighting equipment and are able to respond to requirements both at sea and along harbourside locations during fire emergencies.

Supplies and Crew Transfers

Our vessels are suited to carrying palletised cargo and are able to provide stores transfers along with personnel transfers at a number of locations around the UK. Additionally our vessels are able to carryout multiple tasks while employed on site work including Passengers, small amounts of Fuel and stores. From our yard bases around the UK we are able to handle palletised ships provisioning and technical stores.

Guard Vessels

Our vessels can be utilised as guard vessels. Our vessels are economical to run allowing extended periods at sea. All our vessels are selected for their exceptional sea keeping characteristics.


We are able to customise all our vessels to allow the deployment of survey equipment whether in harbour areas or at sea.

Diving Support

Our vessels are regularly utilised as diving platforms. Large open decks allow complete diving spreads to be accommodated onboard.

Work Boats

Our vessels are wess suited to marine construction projects. onboard cranes and a comprehensive inventory of equipment allow our vessels to operate away from our base for extended periods. Vessels can be adapted for work boat duties with the addition of A Frames, additional winches or other adaptions.

Film and Television

Our vessels are regularly used in the film and television industry. As our vessels are classic designs, they make excellent vessels to be used as backdrops and period vessels for 1940s-1970s productions. Our vessels have featured in several blockbuster and other television productions.