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Jireh is an Ex Norwegian ferry. Jireh arrived at Portland in the UK in November 2020, having been turned away by the Channel Islands states of Guernsey and Jersey. the vessel was instantly detained by a team of Port State Control Inspectors from the United Kingdom Maritime and Coastguard Agency. It was detained for failing to complying with the Merchant Shipping Act and other Maritime regulations.

During the discussions between the owner and the UKMCA it was decided that one route to getting the Jireh away from Portland was for it to be towed. At the time our Tug Kingston was at Portland on the slipway, undergoing a maintenance period. and we were approached regarding carrying out the tow. Planning the operation commenced and the plans were very comprehensive due to the nature of the vessel and involved much negotations with various government departments both in the UK and overseas along with various port authorities and the vessel's Nigerian owners. The Owners decided to tow the Jireh to a Shipyard in Dakar.

3 Months after Jireh had arrived at Portland she was ready to be towed and waited for a weather window. In the final days of preperation the world was hit with the pandemic of Covid 19, however the Kingston finally departed on the 17th March 2020. throught the 15 day voyage Kingston averaged 7kts and was able to deliver her tow to Dakar. 

the Story wasnt to end there. As the world was now in lockdown due to the pandemic, and the shipyard was now also closed, the owners asked us to continue to Lagos in Nigeria. Kingston set off on the next leg of her voyage and eventually covered in excess 7750 nautical miles and was able to deliver the Jireh safely to her owners in Lagos.


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