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About Griffin Towage

Jon Evelegh, the founder of Griffin Towage, has over 20 years experience of running the Griffin fleet of tugs.

The company is a strong force in the tug and towage market, able to service clients throughout Europe, with a fleet of vessels that are economical to operate, reliable and crewed by experienced personnel where 'customer service' is key.

Griffin Towage specialises in sea towage of barges and ships, both on routine contracts, and emergency towage. Griffin Towage also offers tugs for port operations, emergency rescues, fire fighting, supply and crew transfers, standby tug or guard vessel.

The company offers competitive prices for charters of tugs for marine civil engineering operations, surveys, diving and other work boat duties.

All Griffin Towage tugs are British owned and registered. They are certified under UK MCA Small Commercial Vessel Codes. They also comply with MCA Class IX as seagoing tugs.

Griffin Towage operates with British crew, experienced in the business of towage, ensuring safe delivery of the towed vessel.

By using Griffin Towage for a tow you will benefit from dealing with a relatively small, efficient operator, with costs and prices lower than many competitors, offering a personal service with care being taken over every detail.