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Tug Fleet 
Tug 'Goliath' - 24t BP  
Tug Goliath 2016 
Goliath is a very competent sea going tug and is particularly well suited to harbour towage, marine civil engineering and barge handling, due to her superb manoeuvrability. She is a twin screw tug with a powerful bow thruster, making her capable of manoeuvring in any direction.
Tug 'Kingston' - 23t BP  
Griffin Towage Tug KINGSTON 


An immensely capable tug for her size: powerful, reliable, economical - she is the ideal coastal towage tug. Regularly chartered for towage in Northern European waters, the Baltic, Mediterranean and down to West Africa. We have been operating Kingston since 2001 and have invested substantially in refitting and modernising her; including the addition of a Kort Nozzle and high performance propeller, which has significantly increased the tug's bollard pull. We have also added a large Bow Thruster and Shilling Rudder, hugely improving her manoeuvrability. Kingston is one of those tugs that just digs deep and gets on with the job, mile after mile, day after day.

'Kingston' Specifications 

Tug 'Sandsfoot Castle' - 21t BP  
Tug - Sandsford Castle 
Designed and built for the Royal Navy, Sandsfoot Castle has been superbly maintained during her service and under her last ownership at Portland Port. Sandsfoot Castle is a highly manoeuvrable, well equipped and versatile twin screw tug, ideally suited to port operations, standby or guard-ship duties, yet equally capable of coastal towage.  
Tug 'Princeton' - 21t BP  
Tug Princeton and Quen Mary 2 
Princeton has been a valuable asset to the fleet since she joined us. She is a good, heavy, sea going tug, with a single screw in steerable Kort nozzle, well suited to longer coastal towage.





Tug 'Knighton' - 10t BP

Tug Knighton





Knighton is currently the smallest tug in the fleet. She is particularly suited to light coastal or harbour towage, general work boat duties for marine civil engineering support and benefits from a shallower draught and lower fuel consumption than our larger tugs.

'Knighton' Specifications